Join The Greatest Army Of All Time

Welcome to The Fit Chick Army


Our first ever blog post and I couldn’t be more excited! As some of you may know already, we started out just as an Instagram account providing motivation, inspiration and training tips. From there we evolved.

Having gained nearly five thousand Instagram followers over the last 6 months we are excited to continue to grow our online community. We have had many of our followers contact us and ask about training programs and diet plans. Fortunately for them, I am very active in the fitness industry and have years of experience training myself and others at a professional level. My husband to be also owns a fitness company and we decided, after much debate, to start a new fitness business with women as our primary customer.

As I write this, my main man is staring at me from across the table, making faces and procrastinating working on one of the programs we hope to offer very soon! As long as we can focus and get it done! :p

A little more about us: A competitive swimmer for many years and a national level athlete in rowing and kayaking. I dedicated many years of my life to training hard and being the best. Now, two degrees and a diploma later, I work with Mark Michaels (Ares Fitness & Supplements Inc) developing programs for men and women looking to better themselves. Mark, who is an elite tactical athlete has more than a decade in the Armed Forces, 6 years as a personal trainer and just as many as a business owner and entrepreneur.

We have a lot of work to do to make this dream a reality, but we won’t stop until it’s achieved. Simply put, the more women we can train and help reach their health and fitness goals, the happier we are. That is our soul mission.

More posts to come, we will continue to work on our website as it is not quite complete. Please be patient while we work through this.



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